Taxis – Preveza airport, Lefkas, Athens

Why reserve your taxi?

Taxis are a surprisingly inexpensive way of getting around Lefkas, and to/from Preveza and Athens Airports, or Igoumenitsa Ferry Port.

Airport taxis are best booked in advance – Preveza Airport can be a very lonely place if you are the last person out with your bags and the last taxi has been taken!

  • Perhaps you are travelling with a tour operator and do not want to sit on a coach at the airport waiting until the last person comes out with their luggage?
  • Is it your Honeymoon or a Special Occasion?
  • Or have you made your own hotel arrangements and want an organised, comfortable start to your holiday?

Are you a group who are travelling together who want to stay together and save money – we have a minibus taxi for 16 persons and a coach for 33 persons

If you are staying in a Villa or Yacht and give us the exact location in advance our drivers will make sure you get there. Day or night.

Begin your holiday the right way – in comfort and style!

We have three types of taxi:

Standard Taxis
Modern and air conditioned. Maximum four passengers, including children. Please reserve well in advance. We cannot accept reservations later than 3 days before your arrival date. Please note that child / baby seats are not a legal requirement in Greece and are not provided.

Minibus Taxi
Modern and air conditioned. Maximum 16 passengers including children. Ideal for groups who want to stay together. We only have one of these, so it is important that you reserve well in advance.

Our comfortable, modern and air conditioned coach for 33 passengers is an economical and sociable way to transport larger groups. Please make you reserve well in advance, especially for Sundays.

Hire the minibus or coach for the whole day
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays you can hire the minibus or coach, with driver, to take you and your group wherever you like.
A special day out:

  • West coast beaches
  • Mountain villages
  • Monasteries and Museums
  • The ruined Roman city of Nikopolis
  • The mountain city of Ioannina
  • …make up your own route, with or without a guide. Ask us for details.

TAXI PRICES November 2011 – November 2012

Prices are in Euros, per journey. Return prices are the same
Standard air conditioned taxis take 4 passengers including children
Minibus air conditioned taxi takes 16 passengers including children. There is only one minibus taxi so it is important to order as early as possible.
The coach takes 33 passengers.
To reserve: see below
Villas: We can accept bookings for ARRIVALS to villas on Lefkas. However, you must be sure to have clear maps and instructions from the owners to help the driver find the villa. Unfortunately we CANNOT accept accept bookings for DEPARTURE taxis. You should arrange this with a local taxi driver after you arrive. The only exception to this is if you book a Lantisworld villa.

WINDSURF BOARDS: Standard taxis do not have a roof rack. We recommend you reserve the minibus.
CHILD SEATS: These are not compulsory in Greece and are not provided.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Item #1 Description Subtotal: $1.00 Subtotal: $1.00
Item #2 Description Discount: $2.00 Subtotal: $1.00
Item #3 Description Shipping: $3.00 Subtotal: $1.00
Item #4 Description Tax: $4.00 Subtotal: $1.00
Item #1 Description Subtotal: $1.00 Subtotal: $1.00
Item #1 Description Subtotal: $1.00 Subtotal: $1.00
All Items Description Your Total: $10.00 Subtotal: $1.00


Before making a reservation you will need the following information:

  • Date of taxi
  • Arrival Airport (eg Preveza, Athens) or Port (Igoumenitsa) or Departure resort/hotel
  • Your exact destination (all yachts in Lefkas Marina look the same at night!)
  • Number of passengers including children
  • Arrival Time of flight/ferry or Departure Time from resort (if going to the airport you must allow 2 hours for check-in)
  • Airline or Ferry Company
  • Flight Number or Ferry Name
  • Accommodation and Resort
  • Departure Airport (eg Gatwick, Dusseldorf) or Port (eg Venice, Ancona)