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How to get to Lefkas Routes and useful information about how to get to Lefkas from Preveza airport, Igoumenitsa, Athens, Corfu and many other places in Greece and Europe

Resorts on Lefkas Every village has it’s own character. Find out more here, with descriptions, information, pictures and maps.

Maps of Lefkas Simple sketch maps of many of the resorts on Lefkada which you can print and take with you on holiday. Helpful just to find your way around on the first day. ‘Hotspots’ to help you find facilities and accommodation

Buses on Levkas Timetables to help you get around the Island on public buses. These change sometimes, so please use the phone numbers on this page to check directly with the bus company.

Ferries from Lefkas to Meganisi, Ithaka and Kefalonia. Departures from Nidri and Vassiliki. Please confirm times with the ferry companies using the numbers on this page.

Nidri walks and cycle rides Two beautiful walks and cycle rides to Rahi waterfalls and the little white church of Agia Kiriaki in Geni.

A – Z Guide to Lefkas Lots of useful facts and information about Lefkas (Lefkada) island

Useful telephone numbers on Lefkas

Wheelchair rental A useful service for those who need a wheelchair but cannot bring one with them. Book and pay online.

Motorboats A fun way to see the little Islands near Nidri. Find out more…

Toasties High up in a mountaintop village, served under the cooling shade of ancient plane trees, you will find one of Lefkas’ culinary masterpieces. To visit Lefkas without sampling one of Brenda’s toasties is akin to visiting Egypt without visiting the Library at Alexandria, or visiting Babylon without climbing up through the Hanging Gardens…

Videos A selection of videos clips of Lefkas island, beaches and activities