Flights to Preveza airport (PVK) (for Lefkas and Parga)

Preveza airport flights arrive from all over Europe during the summer, from May until October. This airport is also sometimes known as Aktio, and it’s airport code is PVK.

Flights to Preveza airport serve Lefkas, Parga, Paxos & Anti Paxos, Paleros, Vounaki, Vonitsa and Meganisi.
Flights from Gatwick and Manchester in the UK arrive at Preveza airport on Thursday (Olympic Holidays) and Sunday (most other tour operators).
Flights from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) arrive on Saturday with Transavia.
Flights from Scandinavia to Preveza airport mostly arrive on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

The Skyscanner link below is the best way to plan your flight from your local airport to PVK.